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Ras Maska, Koura, Lebanon

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    Wood is the only building material that is growable and renewable. If sustainably managed, wood will always be available!

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    Quality timbers from all over the world are available in our warehouses at wholesale prices!

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    Successful timber traders for more than 65 years!


Take tree and peel off the outer "skin" or bark and what you'll find is two kinds of wood. Closest to the edge there's a moist, light, living layer called sapwood packed with tubes called xylem that help a tree pipe water and nutrients up from its roots to its leaves; inside the sapwood there's a much darker, harder, part of the tree called the heartwood, which is dead, where the xylem tubes have blocked up with resins or gums and stopped working. Around the outer edge of the sapwood (and the trunk) is a thin active layer called the cambium where the tree is actually growing outward by a little bit each year, forming those famous annual rings that tell us how old a tree is. Slice horizontally through a tree, running the saw parallel to the ground (perpendicular to the trunk), and you'll see the annual rings (one new one added each year) making up the cross-section. Cut vertically through a tree trunk and you'll see lines inside running parallel to the trunk formed by the xylem tubes, forming the inner structure of the wood known as its grain. You'll also see occasional wonky ovals interrupting the grain called knots, which are the places where the branches grew out from the trunk of a tree. Knots can make wood look attractive, but they can also weaken its structure.

Our Business

Letter from the Chairman

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Team values

Stock availability: A wide selection of timbers and engineered boards from all around the world are available all year round in our warehouses. Strict quality standards: Dealing with the best wood brands and sawmills worldwide is the essence of our business Unwavering attention to cost: Having lavish offices or hiring too many employees has never been our concern we prefer save on such unnecessary costs and stay as price competitive as possible.

Our story

United timber corporation was founded by Mr. Wajih Sinno may his soul rest in peace sixty five years ago. My grandfather did not have anything, his father had passed away when he was only ten years old. Unable to afford university tuition Mr Wajih started working in a timber warehouse at the age of 15. By the time he was 20 years old Mr Wajih had become an expert in timber trading and had accumulated enough to start his own timber business. He acquired a small shop in what was known as the timber market located in Beirut's old port and partnered with the Jabado family.